About Short Pump Painters

Short Pump Painters knows that when it comes to your home, you want the very best. While you certainly want the best quality, you also want to be sure you like the painter you’re working with and that you can trust them to care for your home as much as you do. Since day one, Short Pump Painters has always prided itself on being accountable to our Richmond area clients, producing stunning results, and making sure to be as clean as possible in the process. Whether the project is residential, commercial, interior or exterior, we are always confident that we can do the job well, giving you the exact color and look for your home or business that you’ve been picturing in your mind. That’s why we got started in the world of painting in the first place!

Our Story

Short Pump Painters’ humble beginnings can be traced back to 2016 when our owner heard over and over again from friends in construction that there wasn’t a reliable painter in Richmond. For both the contractors in Richmond as well as the residents of the river city, he knew that just shouldn’t be the case. Short Pump Painters was established to bring this problem to an end with superb customer service and superior quality compared to other painting companies in Richmond.

The reason we can provide such great results is the incredible team behind it all. All of the painters on our team are professionals with at least 5 years of experience. With all of that expertise, you can be sure that our team has seen it all before and will know how to tackle any challenge that may arise in your painting job. As the team has grown, so has our ability to take on new projects in addition to interior and exterior painting, such as cabinet refinishing, deck refinishing, and drywall repair. With a growing knowledge base in our team, while not straying too far from what we do best, we are proud to be able to provide great work to our customers for a variety of projects

Our Values

As we continue to grow as a business in the Richmond area, we aim to stay true to values we were established upon. We strive to always be reliable and trustworthy, both to our residential customers and the contractors who hire us for various projects. Short Pump Painters has always and will always put the customer ahead of the bottom line, making sure to take care of the customer’s satisfaction each step of the way. With this in mind, we are confident that the company will always be headed in the right direction and will remain one of the most respected painters in Richmond.

What makes all of the work worth it is meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations. With an eye towards perfection from beginning to end, we aim to provide a great finished product at a reasonable price. Seeing the smile on the customer’s face once the project is completed is always the end goal no matter what work we take on.

Our Accolades

Since 2016, we have quickly become known throughout the Greater Richmond Area as the go-to painting company. Client after client is stunned with the results of our projects. We’ve taken on jobs from Glen Allen to Sandston and Ashland to Chesterfield and Midlothian. We’ve gotten to know each part of this city will and take great pride in knowing our customers. While we certainly believe in the great work we achieve, it is truly humbling to be recognized by clients throughout Richmond for the work we do. Over the past few years, we have earned some truly amazing industry awards based on feedback from clients like you. We cannot thank you enough for your kind words and honest feedback.